Over my many years of working with individual clients I have experienced therapy being useful in overcoming anxiety and depression; improving satisfaction in life; navigating big life transitions and decisions; breaking free of addictions; treating trauma; healing shame; understanding and changing unsatisfying relationship patterns; as well as managing and reducing stress. My gift is seeing through the complexity, straight to the heart of the matter that’s holding you back, and helping you clearly see what’s possible, I can help you navigate this path. No one therapy modality or style is effective with every individual and no one therapist is a good fit with every client. With my years of experience and training, I blend a breadth of therapeutic approaches and techniques in accordance to my client’s needs. I am interactive and strive to create a balance of support, acceptance and challenge.


I have worked successfully with couples for about 15 years. My approach is warm, interactive, and practical, allowing us to focus on tools and skills to give you short-term results so that you can quickly experience more ease and connection with your partner leading to long term happiness. You will learn how to foster respect, affection, and closeness to be able to build and share a deeper more empathetic connection with each other. Couples in all types of intimate relationships can be helped by therapy. You can use counseling to help you make thoughtful decisions about your relationship and gain a better understanding of your partner in general or to work on specific issues such as anger, substance abuse, sexual problems, communication problems, divorce and infidelity. Therapy can also help couples who plan to get married work out differences before marriage. Talking about your problems with a couples therapist might not be easy, but making the decision to seek help could be the key to saving your relationship. A few counseling sessions can add many good years to your marriage or partnership.


Being at the university or the community college can be a stressful time in life. Whether you need intensive therapy or just want support and someone to talk to while attending school, I have many years of experience working with students. My office is located within walking distance from Humboldt State University and the dorms, just across the footbridge on G St. You can pay cash or I can work with you to bill your insurance or your parents.